Seven Forbidden Words

Trump, Jerusalem and International Law

College Sports and the Corruption of Education

Where Is Zionism Taking Us?

Toleration As A Prerequisite for Civilization

A System Problem For Democracy

A State For The Kurds?

War Culture – Gun Culture: They’re Related

Donald Trump’s Evolving Mass Movement

Labor Day 2017

Trump’s Defining Moments

Education and Ideology

BDS, Human Rights and the Jews

A Culture War Against Tolerance

Walls For The Dead

Hidden Cultural Corrupters

Jeremy Corbyn Tries the Truth

Reality and Its Enemies 

Donald Trump’s Behavioral Legacy

Politicizing Anti-Semitism

A Dilemma for the Intelligence Agencies

Moral Failure at the United Nations

One Hundred Years of the Balfour Declaration

Trump and the Anti-Semites

Truth vs. Trump

Dysfunction in the White House

Immigrant Irony

American Zionists and the Issue of Immigrants

A Future for the Democratic Party? 

Running From The Law

How To Destroy A Planet

Racist Nationalism Returns To The Western Political Scene

U.S. Reactions To the Death of Fidel Castro

Trump and the Jews

Local Fear and Ignorance in the Rise of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Moment: Will It Last

Customizing Truth

How Original Is Donald Trump?

Natural Born Killers

True Believers and the U.S. Election

There Is Nothing Unusual About Ignorance

Moral Idiocy in the Halls of Power

The New Anti-Semitism and its Background

The West’s Favored Autocrats 

The Saudi Role On September 11

Zionism Goes From Bad to Worse, Taking Judaism With It

From Charity to Mayhem

Hillary Clinton’s Platform Follies

Paul Ryan’s Economic Plan

Getting It Wrong about the Orlando Massacre

Two “Presumptive” Presidential Candidates: Bigots All Around

The Opportunist and the Fanatics

Zionism Unraveles

On The Misuse of Anti-Semitism

Getting Rid of Bad Examples

Netanyahu’s Mind

The Civil War Returns to New Orleans

What Motivates U.S. Policy Toward Israel?

The Zionists Censor a Textbook

What the Trump Phenomenon Means for Israel

Cruelty as a Campaign Come-On

Combating BDS Act of 2016

America’s Conservative Voice

On the Down Side of Institutionalized Religion

BDS In The Crosshairs

Global Warming Redux

Converging Fears

Terrorism And Some Hard Truths

Who Is Right In Syria?

Israel Divides the Jews

The Progressive’s Dilemma

Culture and Conflict Resolution

The Ideologue’s Tunnel Vision

Gun Cultures

On the Age-Old Tradition of Not Caring

The Decline of the Western Ethnic State

Who Is Fighting The War On Terror?

Communal Upheaval

The Iran Agreement and Israel’s Claim to Speak for the Jews

Donald Trump’s America

Australia and the Fight for Justice in Palestine

On the Dangerous Aspects of Noise

On Flags and Cultural Cures

Divine Time Import

Criminalizing Criticizm: A Zionist Project

Does Egypt have a Government?

International Law and Crimes against Humanity

On the Perennial Nature of U.S. Urban Riots 

Changing Alliances and the National Interest in the Middle East

Censorship At Southampton University

Islamophobia On Wheels

U.S. and Israel: Diverging Interests

John Bolton’s Love of Bombs

Israel Goes to the Polls (2015)

Getting Past the Issue Of Being Jewish

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Ideologically Dictated Worldview

Palestine At The International Criminal Court: Potential and Problems

Why We Need the International Criminal Court

The Boehner-Netanyahu Cabal

Global Warming: Reality vs Republican Theology

Terror In Paris

Israel’s March 2015 Elections

Predictions Based on the 2015 Federal Budget

The Forgotten Futility of Torture

Free Choice vs. Media Determinism

Attack on Academic Freedom Redux

A Sober Look At U.S. Democracy

The Peace Process Hustle

The Special Interest Problem

On the Purpose of U.S. Education

The Question of State Legitimacy

Zionism and the Educational Elites

International Law and U.S. Democratic Practice

But is it Good for the Jews?

The Liberal Zionist Dilemma 

Israel and the Erosion of International Humanitarian Law

Deconstructing the Zionist View of Gaza’s Horror

Why the Israelis Are Repetitively Violent

Justice Corrupted

Why It Is Hard to Feel for the Israelis

The Mess in Iraq

Repugnant Republicans

Class Segregation and the Housing Market

The Role of the Intellectual

Censorship Is The Norm

The New York Times Declares the Peace Process Futile

Free Speech or Bribery

Mr. Rosenberg’s Conundrum

Saudi Arabia Flexes Its Fanaticism

Who Set Up Medea Benjamin?

Disturbing Democracy

Planning for the Future of the BDS Movement

Stereotyping in Congress, Then and Now

Is Iran the Real Problem?

Whose Academic Freedom are we Talking About?

Egypt Gone Bad

Snow Job On Israel-Palestine

Israel: Legitimacy and Behavior

A Victory for Diplomacy

More on Global Warming

A Culture of Walls

The Mind of the Poor

Ideological Disaster

Still Staying Sober

Zionism versus Diplomacy and Peace

Two-State Solution or Illusion?

Crises Today, Catastrophe Tomorrow

Congress and the Imperial Presidency Debate Syria

In Syria, Weapons of Mass Destruction Redux 

Taking Sides In Egypt

Bad Precedent and Bad Faith

What National Interest?

The Boycott of Israel Eight Years In

On The Death Of Helen Thomas

A National Debate about Government Spying?

Egypt’s All Or Nothing Politics

The Crime of Indifference

A Concise Answer to the Query:  Why Boycott Israel? 

Perspectives On The Surveillance Scandal

A Window On The Rightwing

Endless War

Alan Hart and What It Takes to Struggle On

In Praise of Richard Falk

Freedom and High Anxiety in the USA

In Defense of Amira Hass

Critical Thinking Gone Missing

The Holy Land Gets Skunked

The Wrath of the Bureaucracy

Civil Rights Takes a Hit

On Great Photographs and Their Impact

War and Institutionalizing Abuse

The Gatekeepers

Bradley Manning and Our National Conscience

Rights Erosion

Does Torture Work?  Does It Matter?

Haneen Zoabi:  Another Persecuted Truth-Teller

On The Killing of Children and Others, Domestic and Foreign

Education and National Security

To Hell With The Intelligence

Genocidal Yearnings

A Zionist Worldview and the Slaughter in Gaza

On The Reelection Of The President

In Defense of Richard Falk

More on Savage Israel

Billboard Wars

The Liar’s Master Class

On the Status of Women

Red Lines and Presidential Politics 

Free Speech or Inciting to Riot

Democracy Takes A Hit

Israel Says: Rachel Made Me Do It

Domestic Terrorism – American Style

On The Road To Ryan And Ruin

The Know-Nothing Candidate

History On A Billboard – Fanaticism On The Ground

An American Motto:  Free, Armed and Stupid

Capitalism vs. Nationalism: Guess Which One Wins?

The Voting Dilemma

Hero On The Run

The State Department Goes Bad

Poisoning Public Discourse

Staying Sober

The Zionist Scenario:  Now And In The Future

What Kind of Society Do Americans Want?

David Horowitz and the Art of Slander

Liberals and Their Situational Ethics

Iran, Israel and the Holocaust

Criminalizing the Truth Tellers

Intolerance in the Sunshine State

Delusional Milestone

Thomas Friedman’s “Festival of Lies”

Who Is Normal?

David Remnick’s Lament For Israel

America Gone Stupid Over Iran

On The Claim Of Exceptionalness

Reality and the Senate Intelligence Committee

Rick Santorum’s Plans For America

Two Front International Struggle for Palestine

Democratic Elections in the Middle East:  Why the Islamists Win

The On-Going War Against Truth

The Divergent Faces of Israel

The Stuttgart Declaration For A One State Solution in Palestine

Political Malfunctions (or Victimizing Iran) 

An “Historic Partnership” With The Devil 

Lobby, Lobbification, Lobbified

The Structural Problem With Lobbies

So What Shall We Ruin in November 2012?

The Whistleblower as Hero

Capitalism and the Spy Market

Israeli Democracy Fades to Black

Ignorance and 9/11

Will There Be More 9/11s?

The Jews Go To War (With Each Other)

The Homeland Battlefield

America’s FBI Goes Rogue